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Their Results, In Their Words

“I felt like I had reached the limit of what I knew worked and what didn’t. That the only thing that would keep us from meeting our goals would be me.

“To see how we can be leaner in a way that aligns with creating more value, and then to connect the dots between culture and reaching our goals … it’s like we went brick by brick by brick, and now I can see that THIS is what’s going to propel the business forward.”

“I went in thinking: ‘There’s only me, and [my clients] joined this program because of me. I can’t make another one of me and they’re not gonna join if I’m not running it.’

“I came away from it with a plan of how I could scale that. Which was a big relief for me because I realized that this is something that I could scale and it will work.”

“I’m no longer looking at a straight-line trajectory of just knocking out 60-70 hour weeks until I fall over.  I’m putting in just the right amount to continue to steer the ship, while the team is growing and fanning out beneath me. The only place where I kick myself is that I wish I had started sooner.”

“One of the exercises was ‘who’s responsible for what in your business?’ I was like, ‘Me, me, me, me, me, me, me.’

“I just looked at it again and I thought, ‘Wow, so many of these have already shifted in that my name is not on all of those things anymore.’

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“OMG. My team manager just took something off my plate on her own for the very first time!

“I didn’t think I wanted to be a boss, because I didn’t want to manage. THIS IS AMAZING.”

“This for us was not just an exercise in how can we make more money. It’s never been only about that for us. That is a part of it, but it was more than that for us.

“It was how can we have happier staff, how can we be more efficient, how can we be greater leaders in this industry at what we do and how we’re perceived. All of those things have really started to come to fruition.”

“Someone just asked me if my biz could run without me. I proudly answered yes! I spent 6 months last year learning how to NOT be my biz, putting people and systems and coaches in place, so I can be the CEO and the visionary. That felt like a hugely successful win today!”

“I readily admit that I was doing things that were not a good fit for me. I was doing them because I didn’t have anyone else to do them, and hiring them out was too overwhelming.

“But now, I have so much peace of mind knowing that I have people to do these things. My business has become something I love, instead of something that is constantly hanging over my head or sitting on my shoulders.”

“I was so stuck in the day to day. Even just the thought of bringing on a new client was enough to make me say, ‘Oh, God, I don’t know if I can do this.’

“Now I’ve got a full-time account manager and we’re almost ready to hire another person part-time. I keep thinking, ‘I should be working more, because we’re bringing in so much more money.’ But that’s the goal, right?”

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